Wedding Cake Pictures

A wedding day is one of the most special occasion someone can celebrate and I take baking the cake for that day very seriously.  I feel honored when someone chooses me to bake their wedding cake.  The idea for wedding cakes are as different as the people getting married.  Nothing is impossible. Here are some samples of cakes I have done.  The flowers on a wedding cake can be real or made from gum paste. The pictures that you will see are mostly flowers that I made from gum paste. 

This cake has all hand-made succulents on it with rustic butter-cream frosting. 


This cake is perfect for a beach wedding. Shells are made of white chocolate and the sand is brown sugar.


                                                                                      This cake is done in all butter-cream with real flowers.  I loved the colors on this one.

This cake is covered in fondant with beaded accents and 
hand-made roses.  Simple elegance. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              These flowers are made of gum paste that I learned how to make              from James Rosselle, who is a fantastic cake decorator.

All three of the cakes have gum paste flowers on them that I also learned how to make from James Rosselle.


This cake is fondant with hand-made tropical flowers.

All butter-cream with burlap accents.


This cake is covered in fondant with royal icing
accents and hand-made roses.

This cake is covered in fondant with royal icing accents and white chocolate shells.

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